The working group 4 (GeoData Collection) of the UN Open GIS Initiative, chaired by Pusan National University and MINUSCA, aims to develop field-data collection technologies for UN operations such as a validation tool . It consists of  six major activities as follows.

1. Unite Map - UN Open GIS Open Data (led by UNGSC and HOT-Europe)

   1.1 Concept 

   1.2 Unite Map - Crowdsourcing 

   1.3 Open Data and Open Source SW for UN SDGs

2. Data Quality Assessment / Quality Control (OpenGDT) (led by GeoDT, )

   2.1 Source Code

   2.2 Manual Download

3. Generalization (led by GeoDT, dismissed)

4. Open Drone Map  (led by Open Drone Map Community)

   4.1 Concept

   4.2 OpenDroneMap Community

   4.3 Documentation

   4.4 Source Code (Source Code for Live Drone Map)

   * "Live Drone Map" of University of Seoul  dismissed

5. Geo Multimedia (GeoCMS) Pilot (led by Kunsan University and Turbosoft)

6. The United Nations Vector Tile Toolkit (UNVT) (led by the United Nations Vector Tile Toolkit Community)

   6.1 Concept
   6.2 Source Code (GitHub)