About UN open GIS Initiative

About UN Open GIS Initiative|Providing free open source GIS software for UN operations

About UN Open GIS Initiative

The UN Open GIS Initiative, established in March 2016, is an ongoing Partnership Initiative for Technology in Peacekeeping of United Nations Department of Operational Support. The UN Open GIS Initiative aims to identify and develop an Open Source GIS bundle that meets the requirements of UN operations for both peace-building and peace-keeping. This significant undertaking is supported by mission partners (Member States, technology contributing countries, international…MOREMORE 화살표
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About UN open GIS

Governance Structure of UN Open GIS Initiative|Providing free open source GIS software for UN operations

Governance Structure

The governance structure of the UN Open GIS Initiative comprises of Strategic Board, Co-Chairs, Secretariat, Technical Advisory Group, Requirement Advisory Group and Working Groups as follows.Strategic Borad (SB): The Strategic Board consists of representatives from each contributor where each contributor nominates one representative to the Strategic Board and the Secretary. The Strategic Board is responsible for deciding goals, strategic planning, creation of a new working group…MOREMORE 화살표
About UN open GIS


The CI of UN Open GIS Initiative was created through the "UN Open GIS Logo Contest" [1] supported by "OSGeo United Nations Committee [2]" (now it re-named as "OSGeo United Nations Initiative" [3] . The current CI took the first place among 52 submissions. Download CI: pdf file | AI file52 Submissions for CI of UN Open GIS InitiativeOSGeo has been involved in the UN Open GIS initiative through the OSGeo United Nations Initiative [3] (formerly OSGeo United Nations…MOREMORE 화살표