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The working group 2 (Capacity Building) of the UN Open GIS Initiative, co-chaired by Politecnico di Milano and UNGSC, aims to deliver training programs for open source software to UN staffs and partners. OSGeo members and Geo4All of OSGeo has been involved in the UN Open GIS initiative through the OSGeo United Nations Initiative [1] (formerly OSGeo United Nations Committee [2]). 


Training Programs

1. WG1 Training Material>> Click

2. WG3 Training Material.   >> Click

3. WG4 Training Material - UN Open GIS OpenData.  >> Click

    4. QGIS Training Material

    5. PostGIS Training Material

    Activities since 2015 >> Click.


    WG2 Co-Chairs


    [1] OSGeo United Nations Initiative: https://www.osgeo.org/initiatives/un-initiative/

    [2] OSGeo United Nations Committeehttps://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/UnitedNations_Committee