No. Category Subject Deadline Email
Notice [Secretariat] [Call4 Best Practices] 2020.12.31
Notice [WG4] [Call 4 UN Mappers] OpenStreetMap Mappers?? Be UN Mappers! 2022.07.30
Notice [WG2] Geo-AI Challenge hosted by WG2 and WG5 2020.12.31
5 [WG3] [Call 4 Developer] QGIS Python to transit OpenGeoAnalytic Functions 2021.12.31
4 [WG1] Call for UN Volunteer (UNV) with GIS expertise in UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) 2020.01.24
3 [WG3] WG3-Tutorial of Open Geo-Analytic Functions 2019.08.27
2 [Secretariat] 4th UN Open GIS Workshop at FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest 2019.08.26
1 [WG5] [Call4Join] New Geo-AI Working Group 2020.12.31