Subject [Working Group 5 Geo-AI] First Consultation Call Report
Name Secretariat
Date 2020-11-05 Views 645

The "First Consultation Call Report" is published by Mr. Tomaz Logar at United Nations Global Pulse, Co-Chair of Geo-AI WG 5*.

 * Geo-AI WG: UN Open GIS Initiative - Working Group 5 on Artificial Intelligence for Geospatial 

Geo-AI WG is the fifth working group of UN Open GIS Initiative to experiment with and integrate Geo-AI technology into a broader UN Open GIS Initiative's workflow. It is committed to research, development, and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies for the United Nations operations. On 11 September 2020, the Geo-AI WG hosted a webinar to share activities, researches, and operations conducted by UN Agencies such as UNODC, UNICEF, FAO in the field of Geo-AIThe report contains a brief of Geo-AI WG and a summary of the webinar.



What Is Geo-AI WG
Consultation Call Obejctives
Takeaway Points
Offers and Requests
Proposed Next Steps