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Governance Structure

The governance structure of the UN Open GIS Initiative comprises of Strategic Board, Co-Chairs, Secretariats, Technical Advisory Group, Requirement Advisory Group, Assessment Team, and Spirals.

The Strategic Board members(as of 30 October 2016)

UN Headquarter (UNHQ): Kyoung-Soo Eom
UN Global Service Centre (UNGSC): Mohamed A. Mohamed
Two UN Field Missions: Jasenko Udovicic, Kais Zouabi
GeoSHAPE (USA): Juan Hurtado
OpenGeo Suite (USA): Anthony Calamito
OpenGDS (Republic of Korea): Ki-Joune Li
Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo): Massimilliano Cannata
GeoforAll: Maria Antonia Brovelli
geoSDI (Italy): Dimitri Dello Bruono


Juan Hurtado (11 March 2016)
Ki-Joune Li (11 March 2016)
Kyoung-Soo Eom (30 August 2016)


Hae-Kyong Kang (Lead - OpenGDS)
Danica Baptist (GeoSHAPE)

Technical Advisory Group(Leader-Sanghee Shin from OpenGDS)

The TAG is responsible for the synchronization of spirals and technical decisions on the UN Open GIS architecture.

GeoSHAPE/OGS: Daniel Berry
OpenGDS: Young-Ok Kang
OSGeo: Sanghee Shin
Geo for All: Jeroen Ticheler (GeoCAT, The Netherlands)
GeoSDI: Lorenzo Amato
UN HQ: Guillaume Criloux
UN GSC: Francis Mugambi, Diego Gonzalez Ferreiro
UN Missions: (tbd)

Requirement Advisory Group(Leader-Mohamed A. Mohamed)

The RAG is responsible for identifying and providing the requirements of geospatial solutions and services for UN operations.

OpenGDS: Joon-Seok Kim
OSGeo: Jeffrey Johnson
Geo for All: Serena Coetzee
UN HQ: Maciej Marchut
UN GSC: Cung Thang
WFP: Patrick Dufour

Assessment Team(AT)

The AT defines proper assessment methods and procedures, and carries out assessment of the deliverables.

GeoSHAPE/OGS: Daniel Kasmierski
GeoForAll: Gregory Giuliani


Since each goal of the UN Open GIS Initiative is achieved in incremental ways, it will be undertaking by a group of experts as working group, called “Spiral” for each specific goal.

- Spiral I – Geo-Portal led by Anthony Calamito (GeoSHAPE)
- Spiral II – Capacity Building led by Maria Brovelli (GeoForAll)
- Spiral III – Geospatial Analysis led by Hae-Kyong Kang (OpenGDS)
- Spiral IV – Geospatial Data Collection led by Ki-Joune Li (OpenGDS)

Terms of Reference (in PDF)